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Mark Fleischmann: Publications


Medium is a reader-supported blogging platform that has given me a chance to publish on a variety of topics. This newfound freedom has been refreshing.

Sound & Vision (formerly Home Theater)

Sound & Vision (formerly Home Theater) is the leading magazine in its subject area. As audio editor, I wrote reviews of loudspeakers, surround receivers, and other hardware as well as news stories and blogs for both the print and online versions.

Founded in 2000, (formerly has quickly become a major electronics-savvy voice on the web and receives more than two million unique visitors each month. For three happy years I wrote opinionated pieces for the Talk Back section. They resembled the columns I used to write for Audio Video Interiors,, and The Village Voice. Note that some are misattributed to other writers following a site redesign but I'm still identified in the bio-tag at the end.

Custom Retailer

Technology Integrator (formerly Custom Retailer) informs the custom-installation trade. An influential player in its category, the magazine keeps up with the latest tech trends in home theater, home networking, and whole-house audio systems. Now edited by my former boss Maureen Jenson, this is a magazine to watch! (Subscribe.)

Now deceased, this website was once the most widely read publication in consumer electronics, with more than a million uniquely identifiable visitors per month. Much of its former content is still floating around the net. I created several bodies of work for etown, including much of the "how to" section, but I'm proudest of the columns below.

Audio Video Interiors

My home theater column appeared in AVI -- long described as "Architectural Digest with electronics" -- for 15 years, starting in the first issue.

Other publications

My writing has appeared in more than 30 other magazines, newspapers, and online publications including Amtrak Express, Bloomberg Personal Finance, Business Week, Cable Choice (interview with Ted Turner), Cable Time, Cargo, Channels, The Courier-News, Crutchfield Advisor, Dealerscope, Details, Dirty Linen, Diversion, E-Gear, Elle Decor, Entertainment Weekly (video reviews), Guitar World (interview with Robert Fripp), Harper's Bazaar, Home Entertainment, Home Viewer (former contributing editor), Laser Video File, Long Island Monthly, The Men's Journal, Music & Sound Output, Musician, Newsday (still more video reviews), Penthouse, Popular Science, Premiere (former columnist), The Robb Report, Rolling Stone (chief audio critic for a decade), Satellite Orbit, Spin, Stereophile Guide to Home Theater (appreciations of Alfred Hitchcock and Billy Wilder), Stereo Review (interview with Robyn Hitchcock), Sync, Trouser Press, The Trouser Press Collectors' Magazine (former editor, interview with Richard Thompson), The Ultimate AV Guide, V Magazine, Verge, Video Business, Video Digest, Video Extra, Video Magazine (former senior & contributing editor), View, The Village Voice (former columnist), Vis a Vis (United Airlines), The Washington Post (The Trouble with Multimedia), World Screen News, and Wrap, and those are just the ones I remember. My work has appeared in several books -- including The Best of Audio Video Interiors, the Electronic Industries Association's Product Terminology Dictionary, The Trouser Press New Wave Record Guide, Rolling Stone's The Year in Rock, The Video Magazine Guide to What's on Tape, and The Virgin Rock Yearbook. I've written sleeve notes for several Criterion Collection videodisc releases of Alfred Hitchcock titles including Sabotage, Secret Agent, and Young and Innocent.

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