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Schwap and the Tomb of Diamonds
A Kindle-only novella

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About the book

M.R.K. Walker makes his fiction debut with this Kindle-only novella. Schwap is a crusty mob accountant who has stashed a crime family's retirement fund in a custom-built mausoleum. When someone sneaks a corpse into his mausoleum, he has to get to the bottom of it fast—or face the wrath of the surviving gang members. (This novella is roughly half as long as a full-length novel.)

About the author

M.R.K. Walker is a New York-based fiction writer. He has a matrilineal connection to crime fiction, having caught the bug from his mother, who got it from his grandmother. As a youth, he checked out The Complete Sherlock Holmes from the public library in Middlesex, New Jersey, sat down under a tree outside the library, and started reading. Since then he has devoured countless crime novels and stories. His influences include classic works by Rex Stout and Patricia Highsmith as well as contemporary writers such as Christopher Fowler and Val McDermid.

The Tomb FAQ

Q: Who is M.R.K. Walker?

A: The name is the pseudonym of a New York-based writer who is launching a new identity. Under his own name he has published nonfiction work in dozens of print and online publications.

Q: What kind of book is this?

A: It falls under the general heading of crime fiction. It includes elements of locked-room mystery and Seinfeld.

Q: Why is this book called a novella?

A: A novella is shorter than a full-length novel but longer than a short story. At about 27,000 words, this one is less than half as long as a short novel. In printed form, it would come to 93 pages.

Q: Is there a printed edition of this book?

A: Because it is so slim, there will be no standalone hard-copy edition. Someday it may be collected with other stories into a printed book. In the meantime it will remain a Kindle-only novella.

Q: If this book is so short, is it worth the asking price of $2.99?

A: A hardcover edition for a prestigious novelist has an average list price of $28. But M.R.K. Walker is a first-time novella-ist, so cut that in half ($14). Kindle editions sell for half the price of hardcovers, so cut that in half again ($7). And the novella is about half as long as a full-length novel. $2.99 seemed about right. A 99-cent book won't command anyone's respect.

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